Saturday, October 22, 2011

My impeccable ninja skillz.

There's this new China guy in the department and it took him one week(!) to realise I'm a foreigner like him! omgggg. I think Shou san must have told him coz he (Shou) was absent for almost a week and today, the China guy came over during lunch with him and started speaking mandarin to me, telling me that when he transferred over, ono sensei from the international student centre told him that there's a Singaporean in the class and he was wondering WHERE I WAS for the whole week…  when i was just sitting there minding my own business all the time ^^;; One would think we were playing a game of Where's Wally? He claimed that he failed to notice me because he thought I was local. *sweats* Erm so I guess my ninja invisible skill just levelled up huh?

And this reminded me of something that was quite funny in retrospect. Last time when i went for an exchange program, the Singaporean group didn't talk to me coz they thought I wasn't Singaporean (i think we took different flights); the Japanese group we were supposed to meet at the school ignored me coz they thought I was one of the Japanese students. Orz Apparently they donno each other coz different years, different majors.

So all the way from airport to our apartments to the school I was walking behind like i'm keeping the group in check… with the real japanese leader walking in front of them and they talking among themselves. Until they asked me Erm hello.. Are you Singaporean or Japanese? Huh… You mean you cannot see the luggage i was pulling?? I still remember where they popped the question! At a traffic light -_- After the misunderstanding cleared (oh we really donno and we were kinda hesitant to ask in japanese), we had a good laugh :O

At the school, I was mistaken as local students who either 1) was just curious and gawking at foreigners, or 2) already knew what to do but just looking out for my sg buddy. NOBODY CAME TO TALK TO ME!!! Everyone had students surrounding them and i looked stupid standing there twiddling my thumbs. Worse, my own Japanese buddy assigned to me couldn't detect me at all. Hulllloooo over here? The only one with nobody surrounded? I stood there not knowing what to do, until the leader came and helped me, thankfully! So you see I feel like I don't have much of a presence :/ Like a wallflower. Always there but never there. kthxbye.

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