Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer flower.

Yesterday somebody asked me if I'm going or have i gone for any of the summer festivals to watch fireworks. Fireworks here can last for 1-2 hours, so it's pretty much a very big event. Actually, should say The Event for summer. It's crowded. Sweaty. Noisy. And you get neck cramps from looking at the sky the whole time. But you also get to see hot guys and cute girls in yukata. What's not to love it? Exactly all that.

They're everywhere.

I went last year with a friend and his bf and it wasn't exactly pleasant. It was fun, but something just didnt feel right. Coz it made one feel even more lonelier. EVERYWHERE, LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN WAS FULL OF COUPLES LOR. You go with friends, it's just that: friends. How not to feel sucky and lonely even with millions of people beside you. And watching the fireworks go pop pop pop, burning brightly and then disappearing just like this. It makes the whole thing feel so short lived, so transient. Even more depressing. People have the tendency to want to do ecchi stuff after going for a fireworks because they think OHNOES OUR LIVES SO SHORT, MUST MAKE BABIES QUICK.

So i decided not to go this year or the next, ever. The only memorable one was a few years ago when I went with g, at Fukuoka. And with beigu. Only that was the best. The rest just seems... lacking without g. Unless! g is here for summer holiday :|

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