Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rice without curry is dull.

Yesterday went out to get my alien card and insurance status changed and finally got a haircut after about two months :O Kuroiwa san has been promoted to branch manager rank and gone to some other branch so i shall stick with Fujita san instead :x Felt like colouring my hair back to blond but dowan to bleach it ><; So shall settle with light brown now until it grows longer.

Then bought ingredients to make curry. Sick of having soupy stuff everyday already. To make this more blog worthy, i shall put in the photos of the steps to making curry. But it's so simple la.

You need potatoes (i like danshaku/baron types, coz they are good when boiled. and small), carrots, onions, garlic, meat (i used beef).

First, wash potatoes. Wash carrots, chop carrots into big chunks.
Slice the garlic and onions. Put aside.
Boil potatoes and carrots until cooked and soft.
Peel potatoes, dice them. Careful of the hot potatoes!
Next comes the cooking steps.

Heat a pot with some oil and throw in the roots and veg to stir fry them.

Add in the meat. Actually, i think it would be better if the meat was cooked first? Or because my pot is so small. Hard to stir -_-

This is what happens after a while. Almost cooked. Some of the potatoes were like browning.

Add water. Wait for it to boil.

Then comes the magic stuff.

This! Two layer curry roux. Actually bought this coz of the advert below. Wanted to see how is it.

It comes in individual sealed cradles so you can just break one off to use every time. Supposedly one cube is enough per serving.

How it looks like.

This is what happened when i dropped one cube. Very watery in consistency and very mild. No curry taste at all.

Only after three cubes it became like this :O I ADDED WATER MEANT FOR THREE SERVINGS?

Optional: since japanese curry not hot at all, I sprinkled some of this powder for some real spiciness at the end!! Don't care this is for "fish curry" oops. Nice can already :x

Aneeway I made this in excess coz wanted to keep for today :3
The result was surprising not bad. You can't go wrong with instant curry roux hahaha. But the carrots a bit not soft enough. I'm not a carrot person unless it's cooked until mushy :x

This step by step recipe instruction is surprisingly hard to write; I even left out things like the types of meat to use, the length of cooking time and strength of heat etc.

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