Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's go Harajuku!

Dragged myself out of my comfortable cold cold bed and prepared myself to go harajuku with tc. We were going on a mission to do some shopppppingssss and boy, did we really buy :x Actually was a bit regretting at that moment when i woke up because when i drew the curtains, it was so bright and hot outside! And then i received a msg from him to meet half an hour later the agreed time. wtf. i could have slept more! So ok lor, since already woken up. i can slowly do my stuff first. Reached harajuku and was tweeting+pic all the way from the start till the end of the mission with the help of his portable WiMax wifi LOLL. Sucky that the charger that i brought out could not be used with his wifi. Means I have to go get softbank's wifi then. Anyway, I'll just copy some of the pics that i tweeted and add in some from my camera also. Took a pic of my loot at the end too .________. OH MY. I bought so many things. Bad to go out with tc. And he said the same about me. 損友. But they were so cheap (70% discount. summer sale mah) Bit hard to resist.... :/

The start of the journey. Right down this street. Everyone's favourite Takeshita doori. The Obliged Shot where every tourist must take before strolling into Paradise. (There were so many of them on my right and left armed with dslr taking photos of the same thing i quickly snapped on the iphone.) tc asked me: WHY ARE YOU TAKING A PIC. DONT WE COME HERE ALL THE TIME?! I hastily mumbled something about tweeting, embarrassingly and took just one shot before rushing to his side.

And as warned by sid who was here in tokyo last week(?) with his bf, there were millions of people at harajuku takeshita street. My friend on twitter even replied "like Bugis Street". LOLLL. But it's a monday! Don't they need to work or go to school or something? Looked like there's more people in summer than in autumn or winter. Skin to skin contact with strangers is not very nice when it's hot and sweaty :x

Oh and look. AKB48 shop?!!? tc was trying to see if any of the members were inside the shop xD okie, i havent been here since last winter i think. So i dont think it was here then. I could be wrong though :/

Was really thirsty and i have been wanting to try mello yello. It really tastes like mountain dew -____- cheeey. I thought something special :|

Our pattern is to look at the cheap cheap shops first. Then as the walk deepens, prices also go up. Crowds also got lesser. There are actually quite a lot of shops that sell the same stuff -_- and sometimes, if you're lucky, certain "branch" sell them cheaper than the other one. I wonder if the whole street was owned by one single boss who is laughing his way to the bank every month. Some of the shops (among the cheap ones) also sell imitation of more expensive brands. Not really imitation per se, but they copy the design and use it on their own brands. If you go to the shops in the other quieter harajuku street (or even shinjuku) where the ex stuffs are, chances are you'll find similar designs but lower quality (for the popular ones) in this crowded harajuku street. Quality different la, obviously. It's really like Bugis Street except that the quality of the "imitations" are still way better than those from BS. Not sure about the girls' stuff though. Only can say about the guys' ones.

Other than the usual shops along the street, we also went to our favourite cheap (relatively) and really tasteful shop. Best thing: NOT CROWDED WITH ANNOYING SCHOOL CHILDREN!

We shopped halfway and we were hungry and we found JS burgers cafe. All hail google maps :DDDDDDD

View from our seat.

He had orange while I had grapefruit juice.

Can't remember what hotdog he ordered. But the pic now looks so yummy.

I had the avocado burger. It was so good. But quite oily.

We both thought the fries too little!!!!!!! Not enough -_-

Both of us sat there for a while facebooking and tweeting and talking nonsense. The whole place only got us and another lady. So nice and quiet. When we were clearing our table, he threw the food basket into the trashbin along with the real rubbish and he didnt even realise it. If i hadnt told him and we just left like this, the shop staff might think "PFFT STOOPID FOREIGNERS".

Oh i think this was quite nice. One of the decor inside. I wonder do they read the books there :D

Left the cafe energized and continued shopping. Shall skip that part. But this is so cute! Spotted it in Kiddy Land when he went in to use their toilet.

So many jijis! I wanted to get the spirited away folding fan (not in pic) coz it was made of cloth and not paper so wont tear easily. But it costs like Y2000+!! Crazy amount to pay for a fan :(

And then we passed by this shoe shop. The boss(?) inside a bit weird one. Donno he's still there or not. Last year tc, g and I went and when we were leaving, he kept saying thank you when we didnt buy anything. Sounds like a pretty normal thing to encounter in japan and nothing wrong with it right? But they said he was following me as i walked around the shop (i didnt even notice. i thought he was just shouting his thanks to no one in particular) and they said he ignored them when they (out of politeness) acknowledged his arigatous. And it was not until i turned around and wondered what's wrong, then he stopped. Like he was waiting for me to notice him. wtf? I didnt dare enter the shop this time now HAHAHA ._____. Just took this pic :x

Look at this! Friend pointed out that this might be a "work" by foreigners, since it's quite touristy here. But with the degeneration of social responsibilities among the young people as lamented by the adults in the newspapers, who is to say that this might not be left behind by japanese? After all, you should see the amount of rubbish they conveniently left all over the ground and not in the correct bins after a fireworks festival. Can compete with chingay or any other outdoor events in sg.

tc was hungry again. We didnt go to the dessert place. Though we passed by it. Now i know where it is. Ate this at Wolfgang Puck. Just right outside the street. He had this exact tomato penne thingy the last time we came here.

He asked what's the name of the pasta I had the other time? You taught me when we were here the last time. I can't remember now. Menu all katakana. Don't understand.

I said eeeeeeerrrrrm... I also don't remember. and began to recite all the pasta dishes to him until he got the familiar sounding one: penne :x

Anyway, I donno why the colour was like this. Was all greenish because of the interior lightings and this was the best i could salvage with ps already :x OK so i dont have godlike ps skills.

My shrimp and mini scallop basil pasta. It was originally even more greenish than his coz basil was greeeen mah. Ok now that piece of plant sitting on top looks radioactive.

THIS BE MY LOOTz!!!! We bought similar clothes. He was complaining that his chinese and japanese course mate are so jimi (plain) that he can't stand them. A little colour from him will make him look hade (loud) stand out a lot. He doesnt even dare to colour his hair because it will go against their image of "graduate students", claiming that the streaks of brown on his head which he coloured on his own were already obvious enough :x So, many things i said nice he said too bright. He doesnt want to be too outstanding among the Sea of Dulls. But you always say you want girls to notice you right? I asked. They all obasans. He replied. No need to look nice to them. Orz

And then I just randomly took one shirt and thought it looked nice and he agreed that it was nice and asked if he could get the same one with me lol. There were other colours but we decided it was the best. I asked him you sure this is jimi enough for you?

So we have couple shirt now LOLOL. The next time noeul asks everyone out for dinner or something, we shall wear it and see her reaction. Can almost see her go "shiro!!!" (korean for… "yada!!"). But he also doesnt want people to think that we're a couple :x Coz he already has no gf and if people thought he's pink, then even lesser chance for him to get a gf LOLLLLLL silly tc.

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