Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm trying to eat better.

Dinner is served!

Mushroom rice cooked with chicken rice sauce + toppings of ikura (salmon roe) and mentai (pollock roe). Eggs overload? haha. But they were so cheap. Three packs for Y1000. I bought a pack of raw hotate (scallops) on top of these two and made pasta with them :x

I love mentai~ Probably because i have been eating them since young. Dad always got them when he went for overseas trip and he also often received them from his big boss. And i get to eat them a lot when i was studying in fukuoka, where mentai is the city's local product. Best ever. Actually mentai originated from korea and because fukuoka is the nearest place to korea across the ocean, it evolved in taste and became their local delicacy. Please try if you have the chance :D (How did a entry about my dinner became a topic on mentai.... *shrugs)

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