Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shadowplay -剣舞/影絵-

I saw this really interesting video of a kabuki actor, 早乙女太一 (Saotome Taichi). Since he's so pretty, he usually takes the female role in kabuki. Hmm. That aside, this video is just so modern and cool. It has nothing to do with kabuki haha. Can't imagine a kabuki actor doing it though. It's of him performing a play of some sort: fighting his own shadow. Some people have issues with themselves, but this is just literally I HATE MY SHADOW :x

Anyway, the shadow projected onto the stage was supposedly done by Saotome himself. The timing of every movement must be so precise that it would be off if he were a split second slower or faster :D By the way, doesn't the whole act remind you of Bleach?!

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