Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of finally dragging myself out after the typhoon has gone.

Yesterday was not a bad day (as in not that hot) and so I took the chance to go collect my visa AND pretended to be a tourist by bringing the camera out and taking quite a lot of photos :x First, I went to the bank to draw money coz no money cannot do anything also. The nice lady who was standing at the entrance greeting everyone coming in and leaving, gave me this:

I only want the free tissue!

Reached the Immigration Bureau at around 12pm and it took only about 30 mins to finish the process of collecting those expensive stickers. Saw a few hotties :x

The "goods river" JR station, shinagawa, which is the nearest station to the Immigration Bureau lol. 品川, get it? Three crates (口: character for "mouth") stacked together = goods. 川 = river. As observed by g's limited chinese character reading. But still correct in a way since 品 does mean products. #lame.

Which is like...

This. (stolen from the official site) Take bus from there.

Lots of uchiwa were being given out but i didnt take :x Almost everybody was wearing the CoolBiz wear which i thought was duh, nothing to make a big fuss on tv.

On the opposite grounds, the tiny people, all whites and no blacks! Or maybe they left their jackets in the offices :x

Greens are always good for you ^^

Got back inside the station with that long and wide walkway and two rows of lcd panels. Northeastern side is so.. cooling =/ (All switched on and they keep telling us to save energy?)

The soccer champion thingy all over tv was killing me with the incessant reports and interviews and replays.

The many lines and tracks at shinagawa station. This is an interchange, after all.

No yellow brick road but just follow the GREEN signs if you're a tourist and only travelling within the city. Never lost.

And because shinagawa station is an interchange, like tokyo station, you can get all your local product souvenirs before heading out/back if you forgot to do so :x But more at tokyo station la. That said, garlic fest???????? For warding off vampires ah.

My precious visa and re-entry permit stickers!!!! 2years3months! The longest period for students :x Donno those bar codes can be read or not or what info they contain, so better disfigure them first. These stickers cost me ¥4000+¥6000!

And this finally finished the process of getting my visa done. Still have a second part which is to update my alien card status and reapply insurance at the city hall -__-; Visa extension should have been done so months ago after i graduated and went back sg for holiday on 9th March. If not for the earthquake, i would have been back in time to collect the fruits of my application. Was cancelled and i had to re-re-apply again with proof from previous school *more money spent*, explanation letter on WHY I WASNT BACK (this is wtf). Donno how many times i had to fill in the bloody forms /endrant

And i heard they will be doing away with this buy-stamp-handover-for-sticker-thing. which means NO ADMIN CHARGES. No need to apply for re-entry when going out. Can come and go as you want but must be within a certain period of your visa, methinks. It's about time. Donno what they doing with all the money sucked off from us. Very lucrative business i say.

kkk. enough ramblings. I was going to get a few things done in one day and one was already completed!

Next was to go yodobashi! I love how you can just go to any(?) part of the network of buildings in shinjuku by just taking the massive underground street. NO NEED TO SWEAT IN THE HOT SUN OR SHIVER IN THE COLD AIR (during winter or rainy days). But of course you must know where to walk la. And when i say massive, it really is massive. But Alas, yodobashi isn't that directly connected. So had to go up stairs and walk a short distance :3

This is just the east building of yodobashi shinjuku. I think it's bigger than the akihabara branch leh.

Passed by a homeless sunning himself, lying against the windows of another building and wanted to take a pic of him *street photos* after i have taken yodobashi. But he was gone the second i looked back!! T_T I suspect he could read my thoughts and didnt want to appear as a subject in my photos :x Beware of people holding touristy cameras huh!

Since he was gone, i just went in yodobashi to do what i came here for lor.

Exchanged my eco points for vouchers!!! ¥7000 woots! Realised the vouchers i received two years ago could be used at yodobashi also. But i used it at TokyuHands at takashimaya already... So only left ¥1000. Never mind. ¥8000 also not bad. Good thing is, JCB vouchers no expiry date! No need to waste it on some useless random stuff when you discover the date's nearing and you have nothing you want to get.

Was looking at earphones to replace my spoilt one and saw this. Funny.

You can haz many colours to choose from to receive your cord in the canal.

I donno, but i think it is so difficult to find normal earphones in sg. Most of them are those canal type earphones, which i dont like. Here, there's like a variety of them to choose from. I'm spoilt for choices :x

Settled for this coz it comes with remote. Definitely better than just earbuds alone. Not my pic, coz i ripped it open to try already :x And i bought white. Could have gotten the original apple ones eh?

They have this! Kinda cute.

The main purpose of going to yodobashi. Getting a recorder. Couldn't find it at the usual IC recorder section coz it's located at the musical instrument floor. Probably the cheapest i could find. Reviews for the sound quality have been generally good but i dont really like the plasticky and wobbly feel =/ Like it would fall apart any time. But it's light enough to bring to school, unlike the H4N.... Sturdy with rubber sides but damn heavy (and expensive).

Oh, and this too. Which i paid with two vouchers. And what did i say about buying useless stuff a few moments ago, huh? .___. But I have been wanting to get one of these camera stand. And i was thinking of getting one with the vouchers before i received them already. haha.

After being satisfied with my purchases, I started to de-ignore the hunger! Only had two bananas, two packs of plain crackers and a mug of soy milk since morning. How can not be hungry! Wanted to go to my favourite porridge shop, but since I was pretending to be a tourist, i thought why not i try something different? And walked into this new udon shop. Not exactly an adventurous choice though.

Ordered the tantan cold udon, upsized and it was a bad idea. Not that it wasnt nice. The udon was very handmade and chewy but because i mouth itchy went to say i wanted upsized version, i had a hard time finishing it LOLLL Plus i personally think tantan doesnt go with udon well... :x If i were to spot this menu in singapore, i would have scoffed at such original ideas like mixing tantan sauce with udon hahahaha. But here being the source region of japanese udon (though they did steal the noodle from china during ancient times), i will only think they have every right to do whatever they want with their culture/food. Double standard me hahah.

That aside, i love the egg and the free flow toppings :x The two karaage wasnt that nice though. Bit cold. Don't even know why i took them lolx

The napkins are made from bagasse eh. I read wrongly and thought it was BAG-ASS. Turned out it's this. From sugarcanes eh, a kind of biofuel. Hawker centres selling suagarcane juice should have a lot then?

Also, I finally remember to get my eye wash after finishing... Love this kind of cooling eye drop/wash. It's very different from the normal ones that feels like tears. This type is like menthol-ish and the first time i used it was like OMGWTF IT STINGS SO MUCH, but after a while, you feel very refreshed and clean and less tired. Couldn't find it in singapore at all. Even after searching at the japanese pharmacies at isetan and liang court. I think i'm addicted to it :x

Phew. And this ends this entry!

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