Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enjoy your tea, eat your taco! All at Nana's green tea.

Lunch/Dinner at Tokyo Dome City's Nana's green tea!
I didnt even know visiting Nana's green tea is the #27 out of #36 things to do in Yokohama (a city below Tokyo) recommended by Lonely Planet.

So, I love their desserts :x Especially the green tea dessert! What else? It's called "Nana's green tea" for that reason. The last time I had it was at their restaurant with proper seats and they come and take your order. This was more like a cafe where you place your order at the counter then take a number waiting for your food to arrive. The menu i ordered from was probably the summer version because i couldnt find any of those i've eaten before in winter. Or maybe it's a location difference *shrugs*

I am Number 6.

Took the taco rice drink set. Didn't order any dessert coz.. no money!! Oh well, a cup of creamy cold refreshing milky green (whoa too many adjectives) tea latte is good enough ><;

Such healthy wholesome looking rice. I so love the egg. So why is it call taco when there is no "tako" (octopus) nor "taco" (that mexicon corn chip) inside! Turns out it is this. Okinawan food ka! Since i took two photos of it... Let's not waste it. See here lol!

Seated by the window. Not so much for the view. Obviously was for the good natural light for taking picture :3 But this makes a nice silhouette-ish photo against the noisy amusement park.

Like every fastfood(?) outlets, one has to clear the tray to the disposing counter on our own. No cleaning aunties hor! If you are unsure whether you need to clear on your own or not, just observe if anyone does so and follow suit lor. Don't make yourself look like the glaring bad mannered gaijin.

Finally! And the plastic bag is quite cute!

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