Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What goes around me.

Picked up all my rubbish to throw them at the disposal point and saw this...

This was left behind inside the "shed". Trolley from the nearby supermarket. Since there are many foreigners living here.. i assumed.. it was left behind by some Korean? Chinese? or actually none of the above at all? Japanese?

Outside the house beside mine. Ajisai (紫陽花/hydrangea). 
A sign of the rainy season between spring and summer.


The smell of wood shavings i get every time i past by it reminds me of hamsters...

This was a plot of land that used to have two houses outside my apartment and they were torn down on 15th Dec 2010. Left empty for some time that i wondered if it would ever be re-used at all. I was missing from March to May. So work probably started during this period. New homes! Scheduled to be finished end of this month. 

The previous house #1 as it was being torn down on 15th Dec 2010.

House #2. The white building also gone. No more roses to see..

Exactly two months later on the then empty land. 15th Feb 2011. 
It even had cute shoe prints on the snow :3

Can't wait to see what kind of house will emerge from all that construction!

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