Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kill that cigarette please!

냄새나! *cough* Think i am having an irritated throat and nose. Trying to scratch it out.

Why can't they ban smoking in more places -_- Gone for dinner at a yakitori place with classmates and there were so many people smoking that i almost choked to death. And not to mention the smell that sticks onto your hair and clothes tsk. Especially during cold seasons!! Must always remember not to wear coats/jackets/fur that seem to absorb tobacco smell and smoke easily... Very gross. It actually narrows down my choice of places to eat when i'm out because i will avoid entering places that has smoking section. Yes, even if they separated it with the non-smoking section - with a useless glass partition or air curtains -  the smell still lingers. Don't they know? Passive smokers kills more than your ordinary chimney addicts. Japan has like got the lowest health-conscious sense in the 1st world to reinforce the law -____-

Now I really have to be grateful to singapore's insight for banning smoking in air conditioned places and the recent years of extending it to clubs and pubs!!! After staying out so long, it made me realised we have been taking the clean air for granted :x

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