Saturday, June 18, 2011


And it's shashin time again~ Rainy day today. I love the cold but not the water splashing on me =_= Headed to shibuya to get some stuff. I DISCOVERED A NEW WAY TO GO HOME. AND THIS NEW ROUTE HAS GOT SEATS TO ALMOST ALL THE WAY HOME. Woots. Don't understand why the trains here are so sleep inducing. Every time i get onto one, I'll feel so drowsy and just doze off, leaving everything i was doing to keep myself awake never ever completed. Be it half read books or games. I dont even get this effect while in sg. G says it's warm and nice, plus the seats are cushioned, so it makes us relaxed and wants to curl up for a nap. Meow~~ Well, when i am not getting sleepy, i've noticed almost everyone around me is in a state of peace (some have unsightly poses though). So i guess it's not just me!

 "Spicy" curry bread and apple cream. not spicy at all!
Didnt want to have bread again but it was raining and we were lazy to go further to get other food so bought from the vending machine :x

Having rice for lunch is still the best.... =/

 Such innocently wtf memo pad. draw your own bird :3
The chest hair is disturbing. 

After birds of course it's the beavers. And they arent just any kind of beavers.

This one was really salty :x because of the generous serving of tarako. I was surprised. At the serving, not so much about the saltiness.

 Got my stuffs :9 with the usual plastic covering expected to be provided for rainy days to protect your purchases. Really wanted to tell them not to bother with the plastic covering. All these extra wastes they are generating!

The place i had dinner at. Can't rem where I have seen this poster at. But it looked familiar so i took a pic. Was it supposed to be good?? Well, apart from the overtly salty pasta, it's quite cheap...

Shall go zzz. now. Tired!

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