Monday, May 9, 2011

Virgin vote.

First time voting in my whole life yesterday and it was really very bleh as i had mentioned on fb. The whole process of getting the slip from the polling guy to drawing a cross and dropping the slip into the box. All done under a minute. But also thanks to g who told me to go around 3-4, so there was no queue at all.

Whole thing wasn't what i imagined to be: A private booth with (heavy, frilly) curtains and you enter feeling like you are wielding immense power with your pen. In reality, it was more like a round tall stool partitioned into four sections by two pieces of cardboard. And each voter was directed to one of the four sections to do the anticlimatic crossing. No energy sparks zapping from the tip of the pen. Not even ruler was provided for neat and straight lines. I swear the polling officer sneaking behind could see which party i voted from the way i position my hand over the paper! Higher or lower. Confirmed with g and he said he did really saw many of the voters' choice. But that was because they opened up the paper and looked, before dropping it into the box. Er, double checking?

Anyway, everyone already knows that pap will surely win this time, which they did. Just a matter of percentage. I also knew my constituency will surely not change hands. But i wasn't expecting it to get the highest number of pap votes among all constituencies. 70.6%! Wah. So loyal.

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