Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Edo Tokyo museum! Nice place to go for some history love!

The famous ieyasu. He was a short man :O

Manga of the time. Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Koban (MONEY!) Must be worth a lot now.

Did you know? 
The thing on Meowth's forehead is a koban.
The expression neko ni koban (to give a cat a gold coin) is the Japanese equivalent to the English "casting pearls before swine." 
Now this blog is very informative hor? hahaha.

 The bridge (両国橋) that connected the two provinces of Musashi and Shimosa together. Tokyo wasn't Tokyo back then. Now, only the name remains as a reminder of the past in the form of a district and station name.

Creepy room =_=

I wonder if this was a real artifact that survived the war :O

Feeling hungry! So lunch!
Since this is a sumo district, we decided to go for nabe.
Though not sumo's chanko nabe :x

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