Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon Number 18

Some quick random updates because I'm so busy!

waiting for my towels to dry in the dryer... The machine doesn't stop and it's in the lock mode -_-;;
Rain outside very heavy and loud, all splashed onto my balcony -_- About 2.5hrs till the typhoon reaches the main island. These few days i don't even need to turn on the air-con or fan. The room is freezing enough. Every morning I just want to stay inside my futon and not get out... Sigh. samui desu. sabishii desu.

Woke up to the sight of flapping greenhouse roofs and crops swaying madly in waves like a helicopter was hovering over them. No rain (luckily) but the wind was crazy, with sudden blast from nowhere and making it hard to walk or breath. It's like trying to walk in a wind tunnel.

Got into school then realised that there was nobody in class. Because all the JR trains were cancelled due to strong winds and teacher and classmates were stuck in the station/inside trains. Those who managed to reach school on time (6 of us) either walked, cycled or took the subway (me) which was still working. Lucky for us, the wind got worse and it suddenly rained heavily too.

Read this.

Sensei never made it on time and only arrived at the last period after she was stranded at some station and thought that walking is faster. Nobody else came. The rest of the time were self study/covered by other teachers who were there early.

And then suddenly, in the afternoon, the sky cleared up and it was all bright, blue and warm, as if nothing had happened. The only evidences were the various damages along the way: fallen pots of plants (donno from which floor), fallen rows of bicycles, broken windows and twigs -_-; leaves all over the subway station exit staircases. I can't help but think that the whims of nature is really wonderful. Certainly not something that I get to experience in singapore.

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